Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Dave Ormonde

Dave Ormonde has been DJing for more than 13 years. He started off DJing after being out in the club scene in Dublin and his growing love for this music has evolved since then. Dave Ormonde is a self thought DJ after buying his first set of decks in 1998 he thought himself to mix on a fairly baisic mixer and 2 decks. His mixes since then have evolved from straight beatmatching to melodic mixing and has progressed into harmonic mixing. His mixes consist of mainly classic dance from the 90s, although there is always somthing new if it fits in. He has a acute taste & knowledge of music from this era from spending most of his spair time flicking through & listening to 1000s of tracks in record stores in Dublin, England, and Europe. He has been known for his epic 6 - 8 hour sets when the mood takes him, his mixes are unplaned and unpredicable. He is now getting a small following through the Facebook group Transcend Dublin which he broadcasts from weekly, after receiveing great feedback from listeners in Ireland and abroad he now wants to branch out and reach more listeners. (last weeks recording

Transcend Dublin Radio with DJ Dave Ormonde broadcasts weekly online every Thursday and Sunday from 10pm till late, please visit Transcend Dublin's Facebook page for more information on upcoming broadcasts:

Some older recordings of broadcasts are available from the Transcend Dublin Ustream channel:

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