Tuesday, 23 August 2011

The Digital Monkey

The Digital Monkey has been producing for around 11 months. He is striving to make something of him self within the electronic music industry. Aswell as producing he plays at various venues and events accross the UK and Worldwide and has been for many years! 

The Digital Monkey is currently seeking recognition within the industry. With tracks out on some good labels such as dirt, lies and audio, Korner House Records, Filthy Bitch and progrezzo, The digital monkey is making a firm impact within the scene.

He is also recieving support from some highly recognised names within the industry. Des Mitchell, Jaguar skills, Lucky Date, Rob Tissera, Jamesie and Oliver twizt to name but a few!

He also has further remix's and originals out on Korner House Records and House Proud Records soon! 

Heres a few free downloads

Bootlegs and remixes. 




Follow the Digital Monkey on Facebook @ http://www.facebook.com/Johnoakathedigitalmonkey

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