Sunday, 9 October 2011

Jens L

Jens L. is a DJ from PforzheimGermany, playing you house, techhouseelectro house and techJens L. or Jens Löser  beheld on05.08.1978 in Berlin, Germany, the light of the worldAt an early age he felt the love of music, so he started at the age of 10 to record and mix music. In the 90's his passion was for electronic music. At first he liked techno and trance and a bit of hardcore, this then developed over the years into the genre of House music. Jens L. lived in Berlin until 2007, where he hung around mostly at private parties and in small cafes and bars. Jens L.  then moved to Pforzheim where he further developed his love for musicIn Pforzheim, and is currently building a name for himself in the scene around Pforzheim.

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