Thursday, 23 June 2011

Gareth Murphy

Gareth Murphy, is a 27 year old DJ and producer from Dublin, he started djin' the summer of 1999 in his bedroom as most people do. Gareth's diverse taste in Electronic music see him playing different styles of dance music Including house, tech house, techno, and hard trance. He started off playing nothing but trance and the odd hard house record, a huge hard trance fan who loves the likes of Scot Project, Kamui, ASYS, Kidd Kaos etc. but then as he got older he ventured into different styles as most people do, so all depending on what the night he found himself playing at you could hear anyone of the above genres in his sets.

Gareth has played at most of the hot spots around Dublin city like The Vaults, The Good Bits, Twisted Pepper, Andrews Lane Theatre, Wax, The Mezz, The Turk's Head, McGrudders etc. and also the amazing Loka Boat party, having also played in Drogheda a couple of times at Soda Club and also in Kilkenny at Zoo Club. Gareth has played club nights including ColorTv, Deepinthebowelsofhouse (DIBH), Ditry Trancin, Hardstyle Nation, Blackout, Punch etc, some of these nights i was warming up for such big names as BK,NT89, Lisa Pin-Up, Bryan Kearney to name a few. Would love to be gigging more but sure every dj that hasn't broke through to mainstream would say that. I have been a member of Tonik Radio Station for the past year and my show goes out at 12-2pm each and every Saturday afternoon, and my sets on my show vary from house, techno to trance.

Gareth quotes " I started producing my own music about 4 years ago using Reason, spent a good 2 and a half years getting to grips with everything in reason and wasn't really getting anywhere fast so last year i stumped up the money and bought myself an iMac with Logic Studio 9 and that has been the best move i have ever made, Logic is by far the best programme i have seen or used for producing, i currently have 8 solid tracks finished, 4 of which are signed to London based house label Marbet Records, i am in the process of trying to get my latest track "Sunset" signed as i feel it has great potential and has a nice big sound off it. I am still trying to find "my sound" so my tracks vary from house, tech-house, chilled out summer house and even some hard trance for good measure. " 

Gareth's tracks are available from iTunes, Beatport and all other leading online music stores, the tracks that are signed to Marbet Records are:

1: Gareth Murphy - Sunday Morning (Original mix) debut track
2: Martin and the Frantics - Sanction (Gareth Murphy remix)
3: Gareth Murphy - Faktura (Original mix)
4: Gareth Murphy - Response (Original mix)

He has been getting some good feedback from his tracks and his last release "Response" has been getting supported by some big hitters in the dance music seen such as Roger Sanchez, David Penn, Paul Van Dyke and the Emerald Isle's very own John Gibbons.

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  1. Gareth is an absolute gent. i've seen the through the ages and he really knows how to work a crowd. his mind keeping up to date on the current vibe of the Dublin people shows great enthusiasm and initiative towards his music. The many after house party's I have tagged along to shows that wherever it is or whoever's it is, will most certainly be a good night! his sets are great every Saturday morning live on Dublin's Tonik radio to start any type of day to get you started or still going. I can come to agreements with many others to say that this man will be alongside the greats as one of the greats himself. kind regards, Lee